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Queensland smoke alarm laws have changed and they affect every Queensland landlord. Upgrading the smoke alarms in your rental property is not an option — it’s the law.

With 450,000 rental properties still to be upgraded, the time to upgrade is now. If your property is not upgraded by the deadline, it cannot be rented out and no rental income can be collected


Brand of alarms

One of the most important decisions is what brand of smoke alarms are installed in your property. Most is installers only provide alarms with a 3 or 5 year warranty. Smoke alarms have to last 10 years, so if alarms fail outside the warranty period – you are going to have to pay for their replacement.

Total Compliance uses Red Smoke Alarms exclusively. All Red Smoke Alarms come with a full 10 years warranty – guaranteeing the smoke alarms for their entire life. Unlike the other brands, you will never have to pay for replacing a faulty smoke alarm in the next 10 years.

Red Smoke alarms are Australian’s best smoke alarms

Wireless Smoke Alarm Controller


Photoelectric and compliant to AS3786:2015
Hard-wired or have a non-removable 10-year lithium battery
Interconnected by being wired or using wireless technology
Installed in every bedroom, hallway and on every level

Wireless Smoke Alarm Controller

With 450,000 rental properties still to be upgraded to meet the new smoke alarm laws, if you leave it until next year you run the risk of missing out. It has to be done -it’s the law. And if your property is not upgraded by the deadline, you can’t rent it out nor collect rental income.

As a gift to you, we will install a Smoke Alarm Controller in your property for free when we upgrade your property. That’s a gift valued at $120.00 — free for you.

Prices will never be lower than they are now,
with cost set to soar when demand far exceeds supply.

To receive your Smoke Alarm Controller for free, please ask your property manager to upgrade your property now. Prices will be rising soon, so take advantage of this lowest-ever pricing now.

The best invention in smoke alarms
….since the smoke alarm

Finally a way to silence smoke alarms
in the middle of the night


Instantly silence alarms that are going off

Instantly locate which alarm is false alarming

Allows tenants to deal with false alarms – instantly and easily

Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall

Our Gift to you – $120.00 in value.
Installed free when upgrading.

“As a property manager, I wouldn’t upgrade the smoke alarms
in any of my properties without including the Smoke alarm Controller”

To ensure your property meets the new smoke alarm legislation, please complete the details below and a smoke alarm specialist will contact you to arrange your upgrade.